As a chef, maintaining a clean kitchen can be quite overwhelming, and probably one of the least favourite chores you have to deal with. Your niche is perhaps applying your creativity and expertise in culinary skills to satisfy your clients. However, cleaning is one of those frustrations you will always have to deal with. In addition to staying on the safe side with the concerned authorities, it maintains hygiene to ensure that the best standards are upheld for your clients.

How often should you clean your commercial kitchen?

There is no single answer to best answer this question. Considering the numerous equipment, utensils, and appliances used in a commercial kitchen, each needs to be cleaned with different frequency. Below is a quick guide on how often you should carry out your cleaning routine:

Daily routines

Before embarking on any tasks, you should ensure the following are cleaned to ensure smooth operations:

After working each shift, it is equally essential to maintain the cleanliness standards of the kitchen:

Weekly routines
Monthly routines