School and Child Care Cleaning

Need to find a dependable and reputable school and child care cleaning service? Home Maid is the experts when it comes to school and child care cleaning. With over a decade of experience in the cleaning industry, we are the professionals to contact.

Home Maid’s Professional School and Child Care Cleaning Services

We know that the health and well-being of your children are of the utmost importance. That is why we are committed to providing
excellent cleaning services at child care centres, public and private schools. We employ strict cleaning policies to ensure
that our work is completely up to scratch to deliver a superb result.

Safe and Reliable School and Child Care Cleaners

Home Maid is a well-trusted and reliable commercial cleaning service for schools and child care centres. We have been
helping the community with professional cleaning for over 10 years. Our expert cleaners know that young children are most vulnerable
to germs and viruses. That is why we only use safe and reputable cleaning products to ensure that we hygienic the germs
in the school environment while keeping your children safe.



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Why Home Maid Cleaning is Desirable for School and
Child Care Cleaning?

Home Maid offers custom-tailored, flexible and affordable pricing to meet the needs of your school and child care centre. We highly value
our customers and take the time to listen to your cleaning requirement and needs.

Our harmless cleaning products make it safe for kids and children to play in. It is one less thing you have to worry about as a parent or guardian.
Organise your complimentary free inspection and quote today. Simply fill in the form below with your name, email,
phone and requested details and we will call you back to arrange a time that is convenient to meet
with you in person to inspect your retail store.

Our Commitment to Your School and Child Care


Playground and Activities

A hotspot for viruses and pathogens at a school or child care environment. It only takes one child with dirty hands to spread germs at a playground. We know this and take every step to thoroughly clean the children’s toys and games.


Safe and Harmless Products

It is important that the cleaning products we use are harmless to children upon contact. Kids are easily distracted and will touch everything.


Table and Chairs

Even if your children’s hands are clean, their clothes may not be from playing in the playground or rolling around in the sand. Germs can also spread through tables and chairs that come into contact with their dirty clothes. We make sure that tables and chairs are cleaned completely.



One of the biggest reasons for the spread of sickness and germs in a school’s classroom is because of a filthy carpet. Our professional team has all the necessary equipment to blast those dirty grimes and stain from your carpet to leave it looking pristine and new.

Ask Us About Our Free Inspection and Quote Today!

Home Maid Cleaning’s objective is to ensure that every classroom and child care should be completely hygienic and sanitised from top to bottom, inside out, to keep the kids safe from nasty germs and to avoid getting sick. Kids are full of energy and spend a lot of time outside, running in the mud and accumulating bacteria under their shoes. This is brought into the classroom along with other nasty pathogens. This is why every school and child care needs a professional cleaning service like Home Maid.

Get in contact with us today and ask us about our school and child care cleaning services. We custom-tailor our cleaning services to specifically suit your needs. We have been in the business for over 10 years and have a team of hardworking and reliable cleaners who know how to restore any classroom, school or child care, brand new.

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