Retail, Shop Front and Shopping Centre
Cleaning Services

Need to find a reliable and trustworthy retail cleaning service? With over 10years of experience
in the cleaning industry, Home Maid is the experienced cleaning professionals to contact.

Professional Retail Store and Shopping
Centre Cleaning Services

The way your shop front is presented is a direct reflection on your business. Just as merchandising in the right way is important,
so is keeping your retail store immaculate and clean.

At Home Maid, we offer shop front cleaning services which ensure your business is always presented to the highest possible standard
to project the right message to your important customers.

The shopping centre is equally as important for customers to experience an amazing time and atmosphere. It determines whether
or not the customers will return to the shopping centre or not.

Home Maid’s Business and Shopping Cleaning Services

At Home Maid, we take pride in what we do. We place emphasis on attention to detail and have the training and experience to
give your retail store an impressive clean, each and every time.

We take the time to listen to the individual needs of each client to ensure a cleaning schedule that is timely and thorough.
If you’re looking for a reliable and punctual store cleaner you can trust, Home Maid is the obvious choice.

We pride ourselves over our exceptional services such as working to your convenience. Our hardworking team will schedule to
work around your business trading hours to avoid any interruptions with customers and visitors.

Why more businesses choose Home Maid to meet their
retail cleaning needs?

At Home Maid, we offer affordable and flexible pricing to meet the needs of your business. We take the time to listen
to your requirements and are able to work confidently with all surfaces.

Organise your complimentary inspection and quote today. Simply fill in the form below with your name, email, phone
and requested details and we will call you back to arrange a time that is convenient to meet with you in person to inspect your retail store.


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Our Amazing Retail and Shopping Centre
Cleaning Services



With a vast amount of floor space and high traffic of customers, the shopping centre’s floor is most prone to containing germs and microorganisms. Footprints, dirt, liquid and food spillage, Home Maid Cleaning is capable of cleaning up any mess on the floor.


Rubbish removal

To make your life easier, we can empty all of your bins and put fresh liners in so that you can start each day fresh without having to give another thought to rubbish removal. Food courts at major shopping centres are a big issue, especially during peak hour.

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Your signage always needs to be clear, clean and visible for your customers. While some cleaners may overlook signage, we make it a point to ensure all of your signs are clean and spotless at all times.



For no additional charge, we will professionally vacuum your carpets and leave them looking spotless. We are fully equipped with the latest tools to remove those nasty grimes and stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We understand that your workplace should not be disrupted during busy business hours when customers are shopping. That is why our professional cleaning team are available to provide our services throughout the night to thoroughly clean and prepare the store for the next day.
Yes. We are an environmentally-conscious cleaning service that aims to reduce our environmental impact while offering top-quality cleaning results. We’ve partnered up with eco-friendly cleaning chemical providers such as Milestone, Agar and Whiteley. We use these products on a daily basis as they are GECA certified, compliant with OH&S and meets our goal of reducing our carbon footprint.
We offer a well-rounded cleaning service that is made to tailor your retail shop. Using the latest cleaning equipment and tools, we can provide professional deep vacuuming to penetrate soiled carpets that receives high foot traffic, wipe down all surface materials including metal, timber and glass and empty & replace all rubbish bins.
What sets us apart is the level of work and commitment that we provide to each client. We take the time to sit down with you and understand your business as a whole to strategise a customised cleaning approach that is tailored for you. We know that there are often specific cleaning requirements that clients need on a daily basis to maintain their shopfront to the highest level.
Definitely yes. We specialise in cleaning display units and windows to remove all types of smudges and marks from the floor to the ceiling. Did you know that 80{e83b7f6500b3ad71a3243094dce64c17c846b173b38ce822d75abd42e7eb9bd0} of customers are willing to try a new store if the exterior was clean? Let us help you attract more customers and drive more sales.
There are many things that needs to be considered before a commercial cleaning quote is given out. We look at things such as: frequency of cleaning, floor space size (in square metres) and any extra services required.

Get A Free Inspection And Quote Today

When prospective customers come into your store, whether they are thinking it or not, they want to be in a clean and safe environment. If you are not offering them that, chances are they will shop elsewhere or complain. On top of that, with all the people entering and exiting your store each day, your floors get trampled and time takes its toll on signage and furniture.

Luckily we are experts when it comes to retail cleaning. We’ve been doing it for over 10 years and have a team of professional cleaners who know how to restore any retail store to like new conditions. We are here ready to help you clean and maintain your retail store. Get in contact with us today.

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