Strata Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for high quality strata cleaning services, Home Maid offer body corporate cleaning that is efficient and thorough, leaving your apartment building or complex spotless.

Professional strata cleaning

For a thorough clean where nothing is overlooked, Home Maid are the premium choice. With over 10 years  of experience in the cleaning industry,
our team of trained professionals go above and beyond to deliver a brighter and better clean.

When it comes to strata cleaning, it’s not only making sure building foyers and hallways are always kept clean and immaculate.
There’s also all of the added cleaning tasks, like outside entrance ways and keeping the car park spotless.
It’s the little extras that we cover that sets us apart from other cleaning companies.

Premium strata cleaning services

To maintain any strata property, it’s important that it is regularly cleaned. Not only to keep residents happy, but to also ensure that
the property is well maintained and kept in premium condition. For a 5 star service that brightens your strata property
and helps give it a fresh look and feel, Home Maid are the experts to trust.

Our Comprehensive Strata Cleaning Services

  • Lights and switches in common areas are wiped and clear from cobwebs
  • Sweeping and dusting of all surface areas
  • Remove and replace full bins with new liners
  • Rubbish and garbage are disposed of taken care of
  • Pet and children friendly cleaning products to clean furniture
  • Deep carpet vacuuming that are carpet friendly and effective
  • Natural cleaning detergent to wipe walls, windows, ceilings
  • Restocking bathroom toilet tissues, hand towels and hand soap
  • Drawers & cupboards are completely cleaned & wiped from dust
  • Santising toilet seats, door handles and vanity
  • Building managers officer vacuumed , damp dust desks
  • Mop and disinfect all hard floor surfaces
  • Windows are thoroughly cleaned and streak-free
  • Polish all brass and other metals around the apartment
  • Swimming pool area cleaned and sanitised
  • Wiping down stairways and hand railings
  • Lifts are cleaned and thoroughly sanitised
  • Mailboxes are polished and cleaned from cobwebs
  • Fire escape stairways vacuum, mopped and railings wiped down

Why pick Home Maid for Strata Cleaning?

1. Efficient and Effective Cleaning

Our professional cleaners take their work seriously to provide superior strata cleaning services. As a result, our services are not only satisfactory
but perfect. At Home Maid, we invest in well-trained cleaners who have many years of experience. These professionals are equipped with
all the knowledge of every aspect of strata cleaning to assure that you receive effective and efficient cleaning.

2. Advanced equipment

Stratas are full of delicate surfaces, hard-to-reach places, and areas that need to stay well-groomed to maintain the standard of living. One of the
main advantages with Home Maid is that we have professional commercial cleaning tools specifically for strata cleaning. We invest
in the latest equipment that is built to offer thorough strata cleaning. We have delicate vacuums that preserve your gutters, top quality
solutions to clean your windows and highly-trained techs to keep your furnace clean and safe.

3. Cleaner and healthier environment

The advantages of professional strata cleaning go beyond time and money. Home Maid is known to use safe products, proper cleaning
practices to create a healthier environment. We also have rich knowledge and expertise to ensure your premise is free of germs,
allergen, and dust in your units, improving the health of everyone.

4. Improved longevity

When you pick Home Maid , we offer regular expert strata cleaning, which helps prevent the buildup of debris and maintenance to ensure
your surface last longer. Since these services are normally carried out by average household tools, you can count on our top quality
results which can significantly add to the life of your building.

5. Time-effective

In today’s fast-paced world, the last thing you want to do is spend valuable time cleaning that you could have used to execute other important tasks.
Fortunately, with Home Maid, we can help relieve you of this task, allowing you to concentrate on more important things. We offer flexible schedules,
enabling you to conduct your daily routine with minimal to no obstruction. Our strata cleaning professionals use various cleaning solutions
and technologies to clean the premise in the shortest time possible without skimping on effectiveness.

6. Reliable

Since professional cleaners are highly trained and use top end resources, we can handle even the most complex strata cleaning needs. Hence,
you can hand over all your strata cleaning and maintenance to a professional to carry out the task without any worries.


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The Home Maid apartment building cleaning difference



Carpets have it rough and so it’s important they are maintained to the highest standard. We will professionally vacuum your carpet at no additional charge.


High traffic

High traffic areasIt’s inevitable that the high traffic areas of your apartment building will tend to acquire more dirt and mess. We dedicate the time to focus on these high traffic areas and remove all dirt and grime to ensure these areas always look spotless and well maintained.


Front desk

If your apartment building has a front desk or reception area, keeping this area clean and tidy is important. Home Maid take the time to organise your desk and ensure it looks spotless so residents and visitors are always left with a positive and lasting first impression on entering your building.


Car park

The car park is often overlooked by cleaning companies, however it is a really important space that should be well maintained for your residents. The team at Home Maid can clean the car park of your building to ensure it looks both tidy and inviting.

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