Work health and safety of all persons employed or contracted by Home Maid is a priority to the company. We are committed to ensuring adequate resources are allocated for the welfare, health and safety of all persons in accordance with the WHS (Act 2011) and WHS Regulation (2017). Home Maid is committed to reducing the opportunity for injury through:
  • Early identification of hazards and good risk management procedures
  • Consultation with all persons involved in the workplace
  • Procedures for training
  • Processes for disseminating information and
  • Process for auditing the implementation of the WHS procedures
In order to achieve the aspects of this policy, Home Maid will utilise:
  • Ongoing WHS training and education with staff and contractors;
  • Encourage improvements to work methods and practices; including new technology;
  • Emergency preparedness and response procedures;
  • Provision of appropriate equipment and facilities;
  • Workplace inspections and evaluations;
  • Review incidents & near-misses to improve control measures and prevent recurrences
  • Provide information to employees, contractors and subcontractors in a timely manner.
Home Maid promotes that WHS responsibilities are paramount to all. Thus at all levels – managers, supervisors, staff and subcontractors, can each contribute and improve safety in the work environment through mutual cooperation and efforts.
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