We all love a clean environment, a clean work space, mopped floor, neat and organised desks, empty trash cans, disinfected toilets and a clean office kitchen. A neat workplace enhances productivity, boosts work morale and gives a great first impression to external stakeholders. Germs and viruses have no space in offices. However, it is very hard to avoid these pathogens and microorganisms in the office.

They can be carried from one person to another through cross contamination. Cross contamination is the act of carrying bacteria and germs from one person or area to another. Cross contamination can be done unintentionally as workmates socialise during meetings or during office cleaning sessions. It can result to sickness, spread of infection such as the common cold, and injuries. Daily office cleaning is just one of the many reasons why you should keep your office workplace clean.

To help you avoid cross contamination in the office, below are 11 tips:

1) Encourage regular hand-washing

People come from different places as they get into the office. To avoid cross contamination, encourage the employees to regularly wash their hands, especially after using the washroom. This can be done through verbal reminders, having signage near the taps and providing hand sanitiser or soap for people to thoroughly clean their hands.

2) Sanitise and wipe phones and computers

We put so much emphasis on cleaning hands and surfaces, yet we forget we always carry our phones wherever we go, even to the toilet. To avoid cross contamination, encourage colleagues in the office to often sanitise and wipe their phones and computers.

3) Sanitise door knobs and light switches

When getting into a room or leaving, we all use the knob to open the door. These door knobs and switches can end up covered with germs that will be passed from one person to another. Sanitise the door knobs and light switches using disinfectants that are strong enough to kill germs.

4) Implement clean as you go policy

This is a policy that encourages employees to clean after their own mess. This policy encourages employees to clear their desks from dirty utensils, have a clean kitchen sink, clean desktops and more importantly, have their own cubicles clean.

5) Encourage common etiquette

Some people forget the importance of common behaviours as they grow older. Encourage employees to observe common personal grooming, such as clean nails, neat hair, to cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough, among others. Signage and posters will act as a common reminder.

6) Encourage sick employees to work from home

Germs can be spread from one carrier to another. If one of the employees is suffering from a contagious illness such as the common cold, it is important for them to keep away from the office to avoid spreading germs through cross contamination.

7) General office cleaning

A well cleaned environment is a germs free environment. Have the office cleaned regularly to avoid dust, mildew and mould accumulation in the office. Cleaning should include hard to reach areas, fans and air conditioners, under heavy furniture and upholstery.

8) Organise cleaning tools and equipment

To avoid having the same towel that is used to clean surfaces in the washroom used in the kitchen, organise and segregate different cleaning equipment to avoid confusion. If possible, you can have the cleaning tools colour coded to avoid cross contamination.

9) Empty the trash can often

When trash can is left to overflow, it provides a breeding space for germs and bacteria to thrive in. These pathogens can easily spread to other areas in the office. Empty the trash can often, clean the trash can with soap and water then sterilise it often to kill germs.

10) Use quality and highly effective cleaning products

Do away with the traditional cleaning practices and products and adopt the current highly effective office cleaning methods and products. Consider cleaning products that are effective to properly clean floor and office surfaces, as well as promote a healthy work environment.

11) Hire a professional cleaning company

To ensure your office is thoroughly cleaned, hire a professional cleaning company with a proven track of record. A professional cleaning company will always ensure your office space is clean and properly disinfected to avoid cross contamination.

An eye-catching work space will not matter at the end of the day if it is not safe and clean. Homemaid Cleaning is your trusted office cleaning provider in Sydney. With over three decades of experience, we are devoted to ensure your office space is clean, fresh, pleasant and safe for your staff and visitors.