Dear Valued Customers,

Your safety is our highest priority.

As we have all heard and read in the news, the Covid-19 virus continues to spread across the world, and
you’ve probably been thinking about how it might affect you, the operation of day-to-day business, and
naturally your household, extended family and the broader community.

It is important that as an organisation we put clear measures in place, and make the health and safety of our
team members and customers the highest priority. The Management Team at Home Maid have been meeting
daily over the past few weeks and we are currently examining what further safety and operational measures we
can put in place to ensure the wellbeing of our team members and you, our valued customers.
We take pride in providing the highest standards of cleanliness, and in response to the current climate have
taken additional measures to step up our fight against the outbreak to ensure we keep your property virus free.

These measures include;
● All cleaning staff have been issued with Industrial Grade Disinfectant and Heavy Duty Sanitiser. All
surfaces such as furniture, kitchen, appliances, handrails, door handle, etc. are first cleaned using cleaning
agent which includes Heavy Duty Disinfectant and Sanitiser. As an added layer of security, these surfaces
are then damp wiped with Industrial Grade Disinfectant.
● All surfaces including bathrooms, showers and toilets are cleaned using Industrial Strength Bleach and
Disinfectant. Bleach is not our preferred cleaning agent, however given its known benefits against bacteria,
germs and viruses, these surfaces will be cleaned using bleach. Please let us or the cleaners know if you
do not want bleach to be used.
● All hard surface mopping is performed using Industrial Grade Disinfectant.
● All cleaners wear gloves during the clean to avoid unnecessary touch
● All cleaners have been provided with facemasks and they will be worn if the clients are present during the
clean, to prevent any spread.
As we move away from traditional cleaning agents, it will affect the final outcome in terms of the presentation.
Some of the surface may have streak marks but we will endeavour to do our best.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 0428 281 621 if you have any concerns or queries. We’re here to help,
and it’s during times like these the service we pride ourselves on is more important than ever.

We also kindly request to let us know if anyone has been put into isolation so we could reschedule your
services accordingly.

Kind regards,
Denise Fullerton
Operations Manager
Home Maid Commercial & Residential Cleaning

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